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My escapades

sometimes I whisper

all the madness

to my shadows. 


Even In The Rain..


There’s the pavement

Its all shaded, some of it by shadows

Rest is wet in the Rain

Salty drops of crystal, rolling down my cheeks

They’d flow slowly, merging with rain

It feels like forever, it feels insane

My back feels heavy

Maybe its the pain, maybe its the guilt.

Footsteps, i hear footsteps

Heard them all day, tried to memorize

But these i recognize,

I look up, my lips shaping into a smile

He seals his with mine, fingers brushing my cheeks

Leaving me curious, wondering, confused, shy

The thought keeps returning

Even in this rain..

Can he see the pain?

Can he see the tears i hide?

For he just whispered, a soft velvet whisper

‘Love, its going to be alright..