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4 am Artwork obsession. 

My 4 am creative spirit wanted to draw today. So I drew one of the Twin Sister album covers, with some modifications. 

The reasons for my departure from the original artwork are : absence of a brown colour pencil, and my recent fascination with Van Gogh. As a result of that you have the green sofa and the sunflowers. I am gonna go put this in my pseudo artwork collection.  


A new addition to the playlist!

This is a new song that I found today and wanted to put it into a video as soon as possible and that wasn’t such a hard task. Given the lyrics are repeated throughout the song. However, the music changes even when the words remain the same thats what I love about this song. *Gooo Hit the play button*

So I would love it if people listen to this song, and I mean just for the sake of enjoying the music and increasing your playlists! 😀