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If not stars,
give me fairy lights
like you gave me shadows
in the name of men.


Something to look forward to?

Music has been the answer to that for me. Always. Its always something to look forward to, something to make my day brighter and something to get me off my bed even if its just for dancing. There is thing with me, that whenever I listen to something new I feel this urge to immediately share it with other people regardless of the fact that they might or might not like it. Hence today I want to share this amazing album called Blue Screen Life (2001). Its an album by a band called Pinback  which dabbles in mostly indie-rock/alternative stuff. Anyway the album is hauntingly beautiful and my first from this band. I am looking forward to listening to their other albums, however in the meanwhile I would love if I could interest any of you guys in listening to this song which is my favourite from this album:

Do tell me if you liked it and why you liked it! I’d love to discuss or just talk. 😀


I stretch out my hand,
towards the mirror.
As I see my reflection’s approaching,
meeting me half way,
I begin to feel the reality reflected
on this shiny surface.

That familiar stranger,
someone who can only possess the half of me,
that lies on the other side,
inaccessible to me.
I never knew of her realities,
just reflections of truths
have I ever known.

However, stop mirroring this smile
of mine, for you don’t,
won’t, ever know
The pain that I have borne.
All that keeps us connected
are these half realities,
and our half lives.

We’re two halves of the same,
neither could substitute the half that remains.