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Love letters

my peace is

intoxicated by the violence 

of your love. 


My Cloudy Diaries.

I love looking at the clouds and taking their pictures, because I keep thinking what it might look like to a different person on the other side of the world. I am extremely curious! However, in case you are as well, Good Morning from New Delhi, India


I am definitely going to paint this today, with a bird as an extra maybe. Have a nice day people.

Kashmir, India

Many times I have been asked, how its like in India. People have their stereotypes for every single place and sadly I alone can’t help it. But! I was just going through an old folder and I found this lovely bunch. I am not much of a photographer (not really one, actually) but I really find these pictures peaceful. Hope you’ll like it too!


A few pictures of Dal Lake, Kashmir


We even stayed on a houseboat here. It was very cozy and comfortable. The boats were packed from inside hence the cold air was only welcomed as an occasional guest.


This is the cable car which would take us up to the top of the mountains. It was freezing up there. You might be able to see the ice. Man. We went around summers so the Ice below had melted away and we got to see those snow covered mountains that always looked like ice-cream tops to me.


Here I mostly liked the clouds in contrast.


Hope you liked the pictures. I have othersĀ  as well, maybe I can come up with more.

Have a nice day.