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Love letters

my peace is

intoxicated by the violence 

of your love. 


How do you do it?

Apart from the most depressing days, when I just want to curl up in my bed grab a cuppa coffee and a book from my shelf, I can’t seem to find how I want to enjoy the good days. Good days have so much potential and they scream out to me so often, “why thou wasteth me??” and all I have have in my stock of replies is a sad sigh signalling towards how I have no intention of making use of the day. I don’t go to exhibitions, art galleries, dramas, movies, having fun with friends and that somehow does things to you. I am murdering myself with solitude and even now as I write it, I have no intention of going out and enjoying myself tomorrow. I am pretty sure I am going to spend my entire day sleeping when I don’t even enough time to study as the exams are approaching by the speed of light years. Now as I write on, I kind of feel pointless writing all of this. But meh. I just write on.

Our black holes

Your arrogant whispers,
Vibrate my ear drums
In sheer conceitedness,
I lean in, to reduce this
“Black hole” between us.

This “black hole”,
Indicative of
all sorts of complications,
Exists quite often,
Quite visibly. 
Neither you labour against it
Nor me.

Dancing, screaming,
beating their chest.
Your words are,
Just hanging on to your
Chapped lips.

Expression might not be,
Our repertoire.
In the meanwhile
Inch by inch,
Shoulder by shoulder,
I’ll fill your “black holes”
You fill mine.

“…and she was a hurricane.” Finally!


Firstly, Its Christmas Eve and well since I am from India, it won’t be too long before its Christmas already. So Merry Christmas to y’all!

So John Green huh. Well I have this bad habit of buying books, and creating a museum out if it. I have so many books waiting desperately to be read on my shelf. However, tell me the last time you were successful in ignoring the toe curling, the excitement and the adrenaline rush when you’re in a book store having a battle in that tiny little head, weather to buy one or not.

Well I am all sorted out for now. I don’t know if it was a fan made trailer on YouTube or a picture, but I have this clear image of Kaya Scodelario as Alaska in my mind since a long time, which makes me want to read it more (I don’t really know how that connects though). So tonight I’ll finally begin and aye aye, a book review is coming up, which is kind of funny by the way. Feels like most of you already would have read it.

Off I go.