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Jason Schwartzman <3

This new video is a result of binge-watching a couple of Wes Anderson movies and my recent obsession over Jason Schwartzman. Its a sweet song with the right touch of longing I’d say. I have been listening to it repeatedly since a couple of hours so I have it perfectly memorised. Do give it a listen! Its poetic in its own way. 🙂


Van Occupanther

I am loving the songs that I am finding during this winter break. You have to check this one out. Its somewhere along Indie/rock or Folk/Rock. 😀

I must be careful now in my steps
Years of calculations and the stress
My science is waiting, nearly complete
One glass will last for nearly a week

Let me not get down from walking with no-one
and if I stumble from exhaustion
These buckets are heavy, I fill them with water
I could ask these people, but I shouldn’t bother

Oh no, I’ve stumbled, was I going too fast?
Some get angry, some of them laugh
They told me I wouldn’t, but I found an answer
I’m Van Occupanther, I’m Van Occupanther!

Let me not be too consumed with this world
Sometimes I want to go home
and stay out of sight for a long time

Let me not be too consumed with this world
Sometimes I want to go home
and stay out of sight for a long time

4 am Artwork obsession. 

My 4 am creative spirit wanted to draw today. So I drew one of the Twin Sister album covers, with some modifications. 

The reasons for my departure from the original artwork are : absence of a brown colour pencil, and my recent fascination with Van Gogh. As a result of that you have the green sofa and the sunflowers. I am gonna go put this in my pseudo artwork collection.  

A new addition to the playlist!

This is a new song that I found today and wanted to put it into a video as soon as possible and that wasn’t such a hard task. Given the lyrics are repeated throughout the song. However, the music changes even when the words remain the same thats what I love about this song. *Gooo Hit the play button*

So I would love it if people listen to this song, and I mean just for the sake of enjoying the music and increasing your playlists! 😀

Something to look forward to?

Music has been the answer to that for me. Always. Its always something to look forward to, something to make my day brighter and something to get me off my bed even if its just for dancing. There is thing with me, that whenever I listen to something new I feel this urge to immediately share it with other people regardless of the fact that they might or might not like it. Hence today I want to share this amazing album called Blue Screen Life (2001). Its an album by a band called Pinback  which dabbles in mostly indie-rock/alternative stuff. Anyway the album is hauntingly beautiful and my first from this band. I am looking forward to listening to their other albums, however in the meanwhile I would love if I could interest any of you guys in listening to this song which is my favourite from this album:

Do tell me if you liked it and why you liked it! I’d love to discuss or just talk. 😀