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Jason Schwartzman <3

This new video is a result of binge-watching a couple of Wes Anderson movies and my recent obsession over Jason Schwartzman. Its a sweet song with the right touch of longing I’d say. I have been listening to it repeatedly since a couple of hours so I have it perfectly memorised. Do give it a listen! Its poetic in its own way. 🙂


A day “well spent”.

Did not wake up. The entire day! Its so frustrating, because I feel I can hear the fat building up on my skin making it thicker every single second. How do I procrastinate so well, I have no clue. But even if the inverted commas make the highlight of this post, the interesting part is, it was in a way a day well spent.

So what if I did not stay up and was productive the entire day (that’s how the justification of a procrastinator begins), when I was finally awake, I spent that time watching this movie called Frances Ha (2013). It was an interesting piece. For the most of it I was completely involved, following the protagonist and her circumstances. I think what made it even better for me was that I am somewhat going through the same phase – a woman in her 20s trying to understand what she wants to do, and trying to find a purpose (i am vacant in that respect as of now). Another thing, the entire movie is in black and white and I am a sucker for B&W. So thanks to those 1.5 hours, I don’t exactly feel shitty right now. Thanks for listening to my rants.

Freedom Writers

All I needed was a catalyst, when it came to movies. Something that might influence me, or affect me in such a manner, that I keep looking for more. I think Freedom Writers served that purpose for me. It all started with a bucket list, mental preparation and tad bit of procrastination, but I did it.

So Freedom Writers, I believe, is a wonderful experience, especially if you have any interest in the racial issues that exist in our society, and no amount of denial is going to make them disappear. The movie is sensitive, yet so explicitly attacking the idea of racism. I like its approach and the way it has been portrayed. I love the fact that listerature is portrayed as liberating and a hero (that’s the way I’d like to see it, I mean come on, literature is awesome). To me it has become one of my favourite movies and gives a message that is not to be ignored. Really guys, I think you definitely should watch it. Its a coming-of-age movie, makes your question the system and conventions and most importantly it forces you to think.

ALSO ALSO! I am definitely either downloading or (hopefully)buying The Freedom Writers Diary. Maybe you’ll want to check it out as well, for it tells the stories of all the Freedom Writers and the hardships they faced in their lives. So anyway! If you haven’t see the movie, do and do watch it! I know you wont regret it.