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If not stars,
give me fairy lights
like you gave me shadows
in the name of men.


4 am Artwork obsession. 

My 4 am creative spirit wanted to draw today. So I drew one of the Twin Sister album covers, with some modifications. 

The reasons for my departure from the original artwork are : absence of a brown colour pencil, and my recent fascination with Van Gogh. As a result of that you have the green sofa and the sunflowers. I am gonna go put this in my pseudo artwork collection.  

Father John Misty

Everyone’s riding on the rolling tide
Their hearts are heavy and the sea is wide
I’ll never make it to the other side
Friends of mine

O I long to feel your arms around me
O I long to feel your arms around me

I keep feeling like I die a little every time I listen to this song. Its so good. It reminds me how every one is moving on with their lives, looking ahead and I am still stuck there, maybe with a goofy grin, waiting for a hand to pull me along.