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If not stars,
give me fairy lights
like you gave me shadows
in the name of men.


The imagery!

Over the way lights went on; far down the block the crash was heard, and pedestrians rushed up wonderingly; upstairs a tired man awoke from the edge of sleep and a little girl whimpered in a haunted doze. And all over the moonlit sidewalk around the still, black form, hundreds of prisms and cubes and splinters of glass reflected the light in little gleams of blue, and black edged with yellow, and yellow, and crimson edged with black.

The Cut-Glass Bowl, F. Scott Fitzgerald 


So pretty, isn’t it? Its one of the best last lines of a story that I have read so far. Every time I read this I fall in love with Fitzgerald all over.

Kashmir, India

Many times I have been asked, how its like in India. People have their stereotypes for every single place and sadly I alone can’t help it. But! I was just going through an old folder and I found this lovely bunch. I am not much of a photographer (not really one, actually) but I really find these pictures peaceful. Hope you’ll like it too!


A few pictures of Dal Lake, Kashmir


We even stayed on a houseboat here. It was very cozy and comfortable. The boats were packed from inside hence the cold air was only welcomed as an occasional guest.


This is the cable car which would take us up to the top of the mountains. It was freezing up there. You might be able to see the ice. Man. We went around summers so the Ice below had melted away and we got to see those snow covered mountains that always looked like ice-cream tops to me.


Here I mostly liked the clouds in contrast.


Hope you liked the pictures. I have others  as well, maybe I can come up with more.

Have a nice day.

The inside of my mind

The corrupting music,
Overwhelms my senses,
Prevails the realm of
The Sensitives and the Quites
Demystifying this savage of a brain
I possess.
Raining genius all around I see.
Paper towns emerging,
Constructed of fake memories
Monopolised and twisted
To suit my ways, my fiendish satisfactions.
I feel the lurking cacodemon.
It’s scary, it’s horrifying.
Somewhere far away
A strong beam I do see
A strong beam so weak.
Enveloping me like bandages,
Yet ripping me to shreds,
Darkness all around me.
Open your eyes!
These are wounds,
And black they bleed.
I sense the fall
Feel the scattered ashes
Ashes of love,
Burnt and decaying.
Black blood surrounds me
So suffocating,
Good is gone and evil I shall bleed.

I perceive something,
Other than black.
Unconscious of its significance,
It seems so irrelevant.
So distant.
It appears to be different.
CHANGE! My gut screams.
Posses me, ravish me, enslave me.
So tired of this perpetual state of agony.
I’ve become so numb,
Pain has become me.
(To be continued?)

Consolation is lost on people

[Disclaimer: When I use the term people, I am only referring to those whom I’ve encountered in my life, and possibly those whom you have, that is if the the post is relatable]

“I know how you feel, but its going to be okay.” Just so you know, that consoles no one. How can one even say that and just get away with it (something like we’ve done our part of consolation, so what if it was fake, superficial, made us look like jerks in her eyes, punch-worthy). WE MIGHT BE HUMANS AND FLAWED BUT WE GET INSINCERITY. In my mind, they become targets to be honest, because I know you don’t know how I feel, unless you’ve been close to or been in the exact same position. Seriously guys, won’t you rather have someone just hold your hand or hug you at times? I sure feel like throwing a nice punch. I won’t ever know if its going to be okay as long as the context is concerned. But I definitely will feel tad bit awesome if I am assured that the person will be there for me. I’m not some ungrateful asshole as far as I know.

Or let’s just go out and break some stuff together. Always an option.