Hello there!
I am one of the complex beings in the lot of Homo Sapiens, who enjoys silent interactions with herself, reading books while listening to music that becomes the atmosphere of the book and sketching anime characters! You may call me Ina.

What you may find on my blog:

➵ Ramblings about an introverted life being expressed in metaphors which might/might not make sense. They sound good though.

➵ Music suggestions, as I continue to tread on this path to have the most brilliant playlist ever (basically all songs in the world)

➵ Book Reviews! I love doing them, then reading them and going crazy about the stupid stuff I’ve written in them. But I write on with the hopes of getting better at it. Someday!

If you still dare to admire my disposition, I’d love to be friends! 😀
Have a nice day, People!



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