My first Rand 

There was no specific reason. My friend recently started reading The Fountainhead and she was loving it as she progressed with the book. She would quote sentences and tell me stories about the story and that was enough a reason for me to start with this novel. What did I start with? The last page of course. It has become a recent fascination of mine to see how authors conclude their works. It started as a bit of a personal activity. I sucked at concluding stuff. Maybe still do. Hence the last pages of novels, last couple of lines of various poems become very appealing to me in those desperate moments. Some, I must tell you are quite interesting. This time I thought I’ll post the picture on my blog to familiarise those who haven’t read Atlas Shrugged and as a nostalgic piece for those who have. I found that line “We are going back to the world” so good and appealing. That is really something to say. Usually what I do come across would be “they happily lived ever after”, “life continued”, people walking with sunset in the backgrounds. But “We are going back to the world” It’s so mysterious!! Like where have you been all this time that only now you’re coming back? It makes me want to expect a journey. Desolate earth? How intriguing is that! Not that it isn’t a common expression. But just imagining a desolate land brings in negative connotations yet the fact that they are coming back to the world somehow is positive. So it’s all very confusing. My brain cells are all fried up due to insomnia and I am of that 3 AM mentality right now for I think I am typing as soon as the thought comes into my head. But do ponder upon the few lines. It’s an interesting activity to do.



  1. shaunkellett

    Interesting way to look at a book… I used to read the last sentence or two when I was younger, but haven’t done it these days. You should keep a list of them and then you could rate some favourites one day! Would make for an interesting post… Or even a good exercise when you’re struggling for your own endings!


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