One second of Gender

It was a very casual encounter. Not too long ago I came across a Facebook page with a ‘Male’ name. For the sake of anonymity I am referring to the name as Joe. So Joe here had a really nice picture of a BOY in his 20s maybe? None of my business, I didnt pay much attention to his age. As I scrolled down all I could see were the pictures of Hairstyles, manicures, ‘Pink’ accessories, Nail Polish, Lipsticks, Shoes, earrings and everything that in the contemporary society comes pre-tagged under the female domain. What really stuck to me here was for a second there I had to think, had to wonder if the profile was that of a male or a female. But to be honest why should I care of their gender? It’s no business of mine yet why does this question ‘girl or boy’ even rise? All the things have been so conveniently categorized that it has become so inconvenient for so many people. What’s scary is there is something completely wrong going here and we’re so unaware that we think everything is normal. 


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