Resurrecting Sunshine by Lisa A. Koosis {B O O K R E V I E W}


Book : Resurrecting Sunshine
Author : Lisa A. Koosis
Expected publication: October 1st 2016
Medium : E-ARC
My Rating : 4.5/5

Blurb : At seventeen, Adam Rhodes is famous, living on his own, and in a downward spiral since he lost the girl he loved. Marybeth stage name Sunshine was his best friend from the days they were foster kids; then she was his girlfriend and his band mate. But since her accidental death, he’s been drinking to deal with the memories. Until one day, an unexpected visitor, Dr. Elloran, presents Adam with a proposition that just might save him from himself. Using breakthrough cloning and memory-implantation techniques, Dr. Elloran and the scientists at Project Orpheus want to resurrect Marybeth, and they need Adam to “donate” intimate memories of his life with her. The memory retrieval process forces Adam to relive his life with Marybeth and the devastating path that brought them both to fame. Along the way, he must confront not only the circumstances of her death but also his growing relationship with the mysterious Genevieve, daughter of Project Orpheus’s founder. As the process sweeps Adam and Marybeth ever closer to reliving the tragedy that destroyed them, Adam must decide how far he’ll go to save her.”



I received this E-ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

“… we’ve gone past grief, past sadness, into a place of greyness, nothingness, limbo. A place where we don’t even have each other.”

This book was time consuming and worth every single second that I spent reading it. It takes up the themes of loss, of loneliness, creates a world where the impossible is made possible. Its set in the future where cloning and memory-implantation techniques exist. The protagonist is a guitarist (Adam) who is grief stricken after losing the person he loved most (Sunshine, Bandmate) and is given a chance to change it all. The possibility of bringing a dead person back to life and the consequences of it are the issues that this book deals with.

The plot is engaging and inventive. After a couple of chapters it was impossible to put it down because it was so vivid, the entire experience. One of the reasons why i could not just stop was because of the details and how they were revealed. There aren’t any introductions, or banners stating what is happening and what has happened. The story unfolds beautifully in its own mysterious way. That kept me concentrated because I had to keep looking for these details which came in as casually as a conversation with your best friend (just my way of looking at it). It has its fair share of nail biting incidents which sometimes will make you want to skip a few pages to just get to the part you’ve been anticipating for so long. Its not predictable which I really enjoyed. Cloning and other technologies that have been used in this novel also give one a fair idea of where the world is heading hence it was a dystopian-SF in its own ridiculous-yet-makes-sense way.

Its a gripping story of love, loss and friendship. Even though Adam’s aim was to bring back his lover, the book is not all about romance, rather its tragic. What ‘saving’ really is, is the question here and that has been beautifully answered by Adam who saves Marybeth in an unconventional yet beautiful manner.

I would recommend this to all YA lovers and anyone who is looking for a book with a deeper meaning.


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