Dance of the Butterflies | WordHighJuly: Kilig

intense, is this withering
of my soul and what surrounds
a gorge established,
between this Nature and I,
us two mountains.
as alive is thee,
the more human I be.
a simple correspondence
among the trees and my skin
as we both touch the wind.
certain anonymity exists,
yet somewhere we have learned to adjust.
as the Butterflies soothe the air
with each flutter, I fill with despair
for within me the rhythm of their dance is fading
and as I acknowledge that
I see the Nature around me deteriorating.
such a simple connection
between you and I
has evaded, all these years,
almost every human eye.

 © Photo by  Blue butterfly pokeball by digi-fan111



Word High July , Day 1

This is a poem inspired by the Filipino word Kilig, and written in response to this really amazing Word High July challenge hosted by

The challenge has just started, so you can join as well. 🙂






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