A road trip to Jaipur ♥

Another one of my, ‘let’s show you India posts’ though all of them have been taken via a cell-phone that too from inside the car. So I won’t be expecting much here. But its no other than the beautiful Pink City Itself. I love this place.


You can see the elephants every now and then. I love feeding them. You just have to ask the guy who is the caretaker and once he allows, you’re all set. They love bananas. ❤


This is the Amer Fort, one of the main Heritage Sites that you’d want to see if you’re visiting. Its a lovely and pleasant place (only if you’re going in the winters).


For some reason I love these Arches that are spread over the entire state of Rajasthan. And just look at those beautiful and intricate patterns enveloping it.


The Jal Mahal ( Water Palace)


Another Arch!


Look at those patterns again!


This happened way back at the start of last month and I have been procrastinating since. I have been going to Jaipur for as long as I can remember. It is very much like a second home. I go there for the relatives and to get away from the city life. Jaipur is what I’d like to call work in progress. Though that is not a positive thing for me because I have grown tired New Delhi over the years. I hate what “these” people might refer to as development. All I see is the black smoke increasing and the noise deafening my ears. Its terrible in big cities, at least for me. I’d like to retreat to the mountains. Now won’t that be fun.


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