That fictional loneliness.

Very recently I found myself wondering how most of us get attracted to those lonely fictional characters who would always resign to their classics and philosophical novels, just the right amount of rock n roll in their playlist with no care in the world for anything, since there is always this mutual understanding between them and the reader’s that they are just not made for this world.

Well this is a hoax people. Its very beautiful when you read indeed but I think it gives a very false message, not that I am not a sucker for those types myself. But we should know the difference between ‘fiction and reality’ as many say and here that is true in sense that the character isn’t exactly lonely. We are there with him, reading about his life, loving every single detail, copying all his songs into our playlists, inculcating his habits and ending up becoming him. But who is going to read our story that keenly? Who is going to sympathize and copy our playlists. Last time I was lonely people were leaving me because I was not entertaining anymore. Like it’s the condition due to which I am allowed to live, “be entertaining, or die!”. Now that would be something.

This dawned upon me when I was reading yet another YA novel with the very same character (this loneliness thing seems to be the highlight of every single novel, which is something else entirely) and then as I found myself obsessing over his profile I just couldn’t help but this what a huge impact novels have upon us, and how many teenagers out there just after reading might have found something in common with those characters they read about. How many of them might have fallen prey to this fictional loneliness, just waiting to be read by someone.

So in the end we all crave interaction, and I don’t think that is selfish.


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