Grand and Humble by Brent Hartinger



First Published : January 1st 2006

Book : Grand and Humble
Author : Brent Hartinger
Genre: YA-Fiction, Mystery, Thriller
My Rating 3.5

Blurb : Harlan is the most popular kid in his high school, and Manny may be the least. And yet, Harlan and Manny both share the same sense of foreboding, that something is not quite right in either of their lives.

They have something else in common as well, even if they don’t know it. Fourteen years ago, when they were both three years old, a tragedy occurred–an accident that would link the two boys together forever, even as it ultimately drove them apart. It’s an event that both of them barely remember, but it haunts them still. Somehow both boys know that nothing will ever be right again until they can each unravel the secret of the terrifying instant that lies at the center of both their lives.

Do you ever wonder what it might be like if you hadn’t made the choices you did? About the alternate outcomes of your alternate choices? These confusing did yous and did you nots is what this novel all about and I won’t lie, the book is intriguing , gripping and fascinating in some aspects but quite disappointing in others.

I read a novel with two things in mind which are the plot and character development. I live for round characters, the depths, the backstories and everything. The plot development is brilliant here. Readers will be amazed and shocked and believe me when I say this, it will confuse you to a point of no return. The characters though, not so much. The text was very much plot focused and the protagonists themselves were sidetracked. That’s what made me feel that the novel was incomplete in a few areas.


But I’ll recommend this one because of the plot. It will amaze you, frustrate you and simply evade you. I so want to reveal the technique used in the novel but I am confused as well if the readers would like to find that on their own. So I won’t be spoiling it for anyone (not today at least). This one was a challenging one. I am glad to have stumbled upon it.



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