Over a cup of coffe.

We were sitting by the window, and the cafe was lit up, both due to the gleefulness of the workers and the ambience of the place. But when you sat across from him, you just felt darkness. It was hollow, incomplete, and blindness struck you like a lightening bolt whenever it was him on the other side. It always made me feel uneasy. His eyes, even though looking directly into mine, were closed. Closed to me. You’d think after knowing him for ten years things would be different but that was just wishful thinking. I was as good as a beginner. I sensed nothing even when I looked into them. They were like a veil that he had worn over the years just to let no one uncover or rather discover him. He was hidden very much like his thoughts and memories. And what’s worse, I kept feeling them on me, on my body, slithering like a snake. As agile as ever, for whenever it felt like his gaze had settled it flipped and turned its path in a second making it impossible for you to follow. It was painful to sit across from him. It was painful to let him have a sneak when I remained absolutely clueless about his soul.



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