What I saw

It was short lived
but felt like an eternity.

She was rushing past me,
yet her face did anything but reek of rush.
Her hair were curled
desperately shying away from her face.
Her eyes watery
yet the strength with which they wielded those tearsshield her from them;
the corner of her mouth
lifting up in victory
almost made me yelp in excitement.
She looked brave,
and she was there.
One of those people,
who surround me everyday
yet so important that I wanted to cherish her.
Wanted her to see that I noticed,
that it was not in vain,
there will be other ways to conquer.
My stomach churning,
that stop. Listen;
yet I didn’t.
I let her go,
and go she did,
taking her existence with her,
like a backpack.

It was short lived,
but it felt like eternity.



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