A few words.

I shall take a few seconds from your life,
to dictate some of my own, and some to recite.
Rhyme, it may or not,
but poetry is not all sing along.
It has much to do with feelings,
and much less with songs.
Arduous and painstaking this job of mine,
has consistently helped my inconsistence towards life.
Life not much of it, for I’ve laid and stayed
at home for the most of it.
Subtract ad from all the adventures,
just lackadaisical attempts to venture
a voyage into the space of my thoughts,
where I am so inevitably caught
up in the moments of bliss
painted across all the twenty years of my life
that manifest in memories and humming of the past.
All of them connected like a beehive
have made a home for themselves in my brain,
And I, the sweet extract: Honey, of the same.


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