An Open letter to Jealousy.

Hey there my old friend.

I am not into back stabbing hence I shall be direct with you. Why have you been messing with my head? Playing with the chords of my brain? Manipulating my thoughts? Why have you become a part of my life? I don’t need you. I simply could to without you and I can defeat you. Newsflash guys: we can’t, unless..

You’re like a leech, Jealousy. Lingering and preying on our ability to reason. It’s like a battle in our heads. We’re mere pawns enslaved by you. We come to hate our comrades for you. We lose our sense of purpose for you. We give into Anger for you. Let it embrace our body, head to toe, and make love to us with brief punches aimed straight at our hearts. Breaking and shattering us to a point that we are ready to dissolve our identity for you.

How much more will you colonise of this vessel? How long will you reign over our faculties? Disperse. Don’t get conceited. You have been getting too ahead of yourself, you yourself have been enslaved by Vanity. The vessel yes, you can claim to be yours but whoever made you think you’ve managed to grab hold of our souls? I see you shrink everyday, Reason has been manipulating your pawns and the tables are turning. The stage right now indicates how we are under your influence, yes. However just know it very well, somewhere we feel in control too, and one thing I am sure of. We don’t want to be under your influence.

I wish you see how we overtake you.


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