They are not rude people.

So I’ve been noticing how people react to things lately, including myself. Today I’ll talk about the case when you introduce a human to something knew.

So me and my friend were talking about music and artists, when I told her about this new band that I had been into a lot lately. She is a very kind person, polite and talks very nicely with everyone. However when I told her about the new thing she tried to evade the topic. The same friend when introducing something new to me won’t hesitate for even a second. Now this is very interesting. Then I applied the same thing to me. When I did that I realised how I like those things ofcourse, that I’m being introduced to. However I refuse to acknowledge it and portray as if I have no interest in the thing.

Why would I do that ? I tried to know that as well. So it turns out, I like those things but at the same time I wish I myself would have found those things on my own. The fact that someone else introduced it to me takes away that little possession that I could have claimed otherwise. This is the matter.  And now it helps me understand better when others react nonchalantly to things that I introduce. They are not being rude. They are just acting like you would do.


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