The inside of my mind

The corrupting music,
Overwhelms my senses,
Prevails the realm of
The Sensitives and the Quites
Demystifying this savage of a brain
I possess.
Raining genius all around I see.
Paper towns emerging,
Constructed of fake memories
Monopolised and twisted
To suit my ways, my fiendish satisfactions.
I feel the lurking cacodemon.
It’s scary, it’s horrifying.
Somewhere far away
A strong beam I do see
A strong beam so weak.
Enveloping me like bandages,
Yet ripping me to shreds,
Darkness all around me.
Open your eyes!
These are wounds,
And black they bleed.
I sense the fall
Feel the scattered ashes
Ashes of love,
Burnt and decaying.
Black blood surrounds me
So suffocating,
Good is gone and evil I shall bleed.

I perceive something,
Other than black.
Unconscious of its significance,
It seems so irrelevant.
So distant.
It appears to be different.
CHANGE! My gut screams.
Posses me, ravish me, enslave me.
So tired of this perpetual state of agony.
I’ve become so numb,
Pain has become me.
(To be continued?)



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