Let me demystify your periods.

A pause

Is like a gasp.

Crisp, short, luscious, maddening

It’s so straightforward

It’s like satire,

Could kill me

And I won’t be able to acknowledge,

Lost and mesmerized,

I’ll only draw it,

Picture it,

Decipher it, till I can

Survive it.


The Ellipses,

Infuriate me, disintegrate me.

You can map me out,

All you’ll find is,


Sedation, exaggeration


Mountains of my emotions

Trying to unravel your


The deepest,

Can’t reach it,

Now there is the period.


The period,

Just a dot,

Yet a huge blot

The stain,

It’s cursed,

For it kills,

And murders,

Our time,

My inamorato,

This one’s

A desperado.



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