The deliberate yet unconscious attempts; Click away

So I was traveling in the metro today, and I saw the people clicking selfies. Well every one takes them these days, so that’s not something new. But they way they click it is what bothers me. Not the angles, nor the filters. It’s their faces – before and afters – Maybe you have noticed it too, how they smile for the pictures and if you catch them in that moment you’ll see how happy they look. But stay for a little longer and so many times, the smile disappears. Not even a hint of it is left. That transformation is what I noticed today has been bothering me. Is it necessary to smile? But again, it’s kind of internalised isn’t it ( “Say Cheese” ).

The other thing that I realised (very connected to the previous realisation) is that their followers and viewers won’t ever get to know how they were actually, in reality. Just a stranger might get a glimpse or two of the truth, and that’s that. The truth shall be buried. Don’t know if it’s a topic worth discussing (saying that after all that ^, I know, I know. ) but it just made me feel lonely for a second there.


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