Consolation is lost on people

[Disclaimer: When I use the term people, I am only referring to those whom I’ve encountered in my life, and possibly those whom you have, that is if the the post is relatable]

“I know how you feel, but its going to be okay.” Just so you know, that consoles no one. How can one even say that and just get away with it (something like we’ve done our part of consolation, so what if it was fake, superficial, made us look like jerks in her eyes, punch-worthy). WE MIGHT BE HUMANS AND FLAWED BUT WE GET INSINCERITY. In my mind, they become targets to be honest, because I know you don’t know how I feel, unless you’ve been close to or been in the exact same position. Seriously guys, won’t you rather have someone just hold your hand or hug you at times? I sure feel like throwing a nice punch. I won’t ever know if its going to be okay as long as the context is concerned. But I definitely will feel tad bit awesome if I am assured that the person will be there for me. I’m not some ungrateful asshole as far as I know.

Or let’s just go out and break some stuff together. Always an option.


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