Defining myself?

Just when I start to think that I like the way I am living right now, reality flashes in front of my eyes, I am pretty sure, begging me to acknowledge it. I am crying deep inside how I don’t want to (well obviously, because i think you guys already know, reality can be shit at times). For the love of god, how complicated are we?! What in hell does it mean to understand yourself? Because I clearly don’t. Every time that I think that i found myself, its most of the times me trying to be like somebody. What am I doing with my life? Don’t even ask. In fact you know what? When you come to terms with the so called “me”, if in any way you are able to figure me out, help me. I swear i would love the spoon fed answer or will grab it myself, just give it to me on a plate. Something, anything that is definite because as far as I can see? Everything seems an imitation and I am dying for originality. I don’t want snippets of others’ personality and calling it as own. Plagiarism guys. 😛

But i guess till then? FML.


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