I lay my hands to rest
The soft folds of the sheet always escape
From in between the gaps of my fingers
And I sigh in despair
Looking out the window
I see a blue light, so wide
I free my arms as they reach out towards it
But its only too far to be close
And I sigh in despair
I see her on top of the tower
Standing tall and ready to jump
I can see the smile building
If only I could catch her
But I am too weak for it
So as she falls and
Makes it a blood parade
I just sigh in despair
Now its once and for all
Its him who is in pain now
I could reach out like always
But it fails, I fail
Yet I try, again and again
Time is running out now
I am done reaching out now
So I hold him by his face
My fingers caressing his cheeks
I lock my lips with his velvet ones
And I pour the despair
For no matter how close I am
I will always be far away.


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