I saw rain for what it was,

We walked, she looked up at the sky

those piercing blades, soothed her,

Each year, staying happy to get worse

Only when it rained, she’d curse

She hid her pain amidst the falling rain.

The raindrops blended with the tears

Mixing all her fears, and they drowned

once the sky was clear.

I saw the rain for what it was.

He’d look at her, dancing in the rain,

those falling pearls, embraced her,

he watched as she danced with crystals

her faint silhouette, enhanced to him by the rain

he loved the rain for it reminded him of love

I saw the  rain for what it was.

Shivering, id run, as if running from someone

But the rain followed me everywhere

I hid and did, everything i did

But a small drop, tore me to shreds,

I saw rain for what it was.

Rain was no companion,

it crushed me, and stomped on me

I’d wake up and, the deep sound of falling drops surrounds

Paper boats I’d see, from the window

I’d wait and see, till i saw a rainbow

But rain, I saw for what it was.


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