It started from scratch

which was all black and white

from before, it isn’t just a tale

rather a feeling left untold

it stays with me for its too smooth

to puncture the balloons of ignorance

not helium no. No not helium

Just life and their own perceptions,

so smooth it was it only caressed

it tried to envelop them as a whole

but the surface was sticky,

sticky ’cause of their sticky thoughts.

So I just slipped, never went through.

Not my feelings, not I.

When I see colours, I am afraid

I am confused, to be envious or scared

But the colours they come to me

Your colours come to me and paint me

from head to toe

No more black and white from before.

The colour of war, the colour of love,

the colour of Hate the colour of you.

Its pretty and disastrous

but its just the world around me

Should I feel familiar or hopeless?

I feel confused I feel lost

With the corner of my eye I trace that colour

White, I recognise it from before

Its familiar and soothing

The colour of peace.

As I learn of the other colours

as I see their shades and natures

I love White more and more.


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