Just all in my head.

I don’t understand people the way I would like to. I can never tell if its good or bad. At times what confuses me is what is good or bad? Who decided it! It’s funny. So, had both the things been reversed by the first person who came up with the whole concept of good and bad, what would have happened? Then killing someone might have been considered good and helping someone bad? Isnt it weird that it’s just all in our head, the whole concept of “morally correct”. Still why does mind wants to stick to it? Its feels strange and rather uncomfortable to admit it but we aren’t free in so many ways. Mind’s a slave to what the tradition says. However just realising that isn’t helping much is it. But we’re at such a difficult state where a single change in tradition could mean war which I never considered to be glorious. War is murder. I don’t really understand any of this. It’s just all in my head.


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