All She Did Was Watch.

Time passed in a rush as if escaping from her

yet she stood there writhen in her own thoughts

action was numbed, it was a frozen state

only scrutinizing her surroundings, the state of mind

was of apprehension and presentiment

Though it did not aggravate her

for she had become accustomed to these

Everything transpired in a rush right in front of her

whether good or bad

But all she she could do was watch

for the time to act had long left her

and then she had been the bird

who befouled her own nest

with those words which she could not forget till this day

Now her life was nothing but standing on this side of the window

Admiring the other side, which used to be her side as well

but her faults and aberration from the good

became her reason to just watch

as the time rushed.


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